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New Addition:

We are now guaranteeing students a consultation if they schedule their appointments at least one week in advance. If you go to the online scheduling and do not see ANY times that will correspond with your schedule, please email Dr. Hale ( in order to get an appointment. Please note: Due to high demand, we will not be able to guarantee appointments a week in advance during our busiest times such as midterms and finals. We do our best to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your understanding. 

Mission Statement

The University of Mary Washington’s Writing Center seeks to enhance and support high quality education through engaged tutorials, workshops, and community outreach. Supporting undergraduate and graduate students in disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies as well as research, the Writing Center offers one-on-one tutorials by professional and highly-trained tutors. The Writing Center promotes and practices integrity by adhering to and educating about the Honor Code, especially as it pertains to writing. The Writing Center also promotes life-long learning by encouraging students to apply their knowledge and broad-based educational experiences to their own writing, thus developing habits that translate into becoming better writers and academicians during and beyond life at the University of Mary Washington.



Goal One: To provide resources that enhance the writing skills of UMW students.

Goal Two: To provide a space and atmosphere that is conducive to student writing and development.



Stafford Students and Commuter Students

If you are a commuter or a student enrolled at the Stafford Campus, you may schedule online or face-to-face appointments. Face-to-face appointments are available on the schedule as well as online appointments. Please note that face-to-face appointments occur on the Fredericksburg Campus. Please ensure you are choosing the appropriate appointment type and date.





Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Writing Center Services

    • Class Presentation
      A representative will come to the classroom or have the class meet in the Writing Center (instructor's choice) and give a presentation of the instructor's choice. These can be an overview of Writing Center services, citation style, paraphrasing, punctuation, or anything tailored for a specific course.
    • One hour Consultation (Recommended for six to twelve page writings)
      Students can request an hour appointment even if their essay is NOT six or more pages. Students will bring in a printed copy of their assignment sheet (if they have one) as well as a printed copy of what they have completed of their assignment. We also assist with brainstorming, so if you do not have anything written, that is fine. Students will meet with a consultant for up to an hour, but students do not have to use the entire time if it is not needed.
    • Thirty Minute Consultation (For Five or fewer page writings)
      Students should sign up for this length appointment if your paper is FIVE pages or fewer. HOWEVER, students with longer papers who only need a small portion of their essay examined may also sign up for thirty minute appointments. Further, the same requirements apply to this as for the one hour consultation (see above). If you feel you will still need longer than thirty minutes, please schedule for an hour.
  • Commuting Students

    • Online One Hour Consultation (For six to twelve page writings)
      Be sure to have your Google Doc open during your appointment time. Please see instructions for sending us your Google Doc URL.
      1. Create a Gmail account if you do not have one.
      2. Open Google Doc.
      3. In top right corner, click blue "Share" button.
      4. Click "Get shareable link."
      5. Be sure it reads, "Anyone with link can edit."
      6. Copy and paste your Google Doc URL into space provided when scheduling an online appointment.


  • (540) 654-5653


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